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Coronavirus Briefing: Four Positive Takeaways from the Outbreak for Retailers in China

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, we consider the positive takeaways for retailers in China. We discuss the effects of the current consumer preference for e-commerce over brick-and-mortar shopping, in both grocery and nonsectors sectors; the marketing opportunities provided by Chinese super app WeChat; and the increasing consumer focus on health and wellness.

Coronavirus Briefing: China’s Outbound Tourism Will Be Hurt, but Possibly Not for Long

Chinese outbound travelers led spending in tourism globally before the coronavirus outbreak. We discuss the potential short-term impact that the virus could therefore have on the tourism industries of popular destinations among Chinese travelers. We also consider how a decline in the number of international tourists from China could affect airport retail sales.

Global Tourism: Improved Infrastructure and Enhanced Shopping Experiences Are Driving Airport Retail Sales

As part of our quarterly Global Tourism series—which discusses domestic and international tourism themes and trends—we explore the booming airport retail market. Key factors contributing to the growth of the sector include the influence of Chinese travelers, the rise of budget airlines and enhanced shopping experiences and customer engagement.

Private Labels in US Beauty and Personal Care

We consider the penetration of private labels in the US beauty and personal care sector over recent years and discuss the impact of contextual factors such as market fragmentation. Private labels remain a hot topic in beauty, particularly in the skincare category, and leading retailers such as Amazon and Walmart debuted private-label beauty products in 2019. We offer our view on why private labels are important for retailers as well as the challenges they present.

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