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Ebook: Building Blocks of the Metaverse

Our Building Blocks of the Metaverse Ebook explores eight core technological components of the retail metaverse and presents important details for retailers to know in establishing a presence and operating in the virtual space. We discuss AI, IoT, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and more.

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Retail-Tech Landscape: Mass Customization

Mass customization enables brands and retailers to offer certain made-to-order features while maintaining costs closer to those of mass-produced goods. We present selected startups globally whose technology solutions support retailers in implementing mass customization.

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Combating Inflation Costs: Analyzing US Retailers’ Pricing and Operational Strategies

This report analyzes US retailers’ pricing and operational strategies in light of rising costs due to inflation. We assess retailers in several sectors including apparel and footwear specialty retail, beauty retail, department stores, food retail, mass retail and off-price retail, presenting what actions they are taking and how their gross margins have been affected.

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