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AI in Retail: Computer Vision for In-Store Inventory Management

In our AI in Retail series, we discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way retailers operate and interact with customers. This report discusses how computer vision can be integrated into inventory management systems to bring benefits to retailers. Selected use cases illustrate that retailers are collaborating with technology providers to roll out computer vision applications.

Retail 2020: 10 Retail-Tech Startup Trends

In 2020, the retail industry will be shaped by emerging technologies that will change the way consumers interact with brands, while retailers will collaborate more than ever with tech startups to future-proof their businesses. Discover our 10 trends for the year.

CES 2020, Day 2: Physical Retail, Tourism and Data Strategy

The Coresight Research team is in Las Vegas for CES 2020. We offer our top five insights from the second day of the event, including the transition of digitally native brands into physical retail, increasing demand for personalized travel experiences and the explosion of data in healthcare retail.

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