Sector Overview: Convenience Stores — As Consumers Seek Ever More Convenience, Digitalization Prevails


Key Points

Each of our Sector Overview reports provides an essential briefing on a sector or market. This report focuses on the convenience store sector.

  • Convenience stores are adapting to consumers who live in an increasingly digitalized world and demand high-quality offerings and more convenience.
  • Incumbent convenience store players are responding to these demands with food and beverages prepared on-site, loyalty programs and more digitalized businesses.
  • The sector as a whole is seeing modest growth, while top players continue to capture sizable market shares. We expect to see further consolidation through M&A.
  • Globally, there is a great deal of economic and political uncertainty. Trade tensions, Brexit and currency risks will continue to weigh on consumer sentiment and spending.

The convenience store sector is changing to adapt to consumers who live in an increasingly digitalized world who expect both quality and convenience. E-commerce, hypermarket and supermarket operators are muscling into the space, opening their own smaller retail formats. We expect consolidation as M&A activity continues.

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