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Dec 3 ›› 11:00 am - 11:30 am EST

Optimizing merchandising execution has never been more critical. Even pre-Covid, issues around out-of-stocks or excess inventory were holding retailers back. In the current environment in which demand is volatile and hard to predict and differs by region, retailers can’t afford to make the wrong calls on merchandise.

Join Coresight Research CEO and Founder Deborah Weinswig and One Door CEO Tom Erskine as they discuss the importance of bridging the merchandising execution gap. Their conversation will highlight:

1.) How effective merchandising execution impacts revenues

2.) How retailers can overcome execution challenges

3.) Ways to identify and solve pain points in execution

4.) The benefits of better planning efficiency and compliance

5.) What advanced technologies retailers are seeking in Merchandising Software


Read our complimentary report on the topic at:

  • Deborah Weinswig - CEO & Founder, Coresight Research
  • Tom Erskine - CEO, One Door
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