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Sep 22 ›› 11:00 am - 11:30 am EDT

With the pandemic drastically reshaping the workforce across all industries, businesses have been forced to find opportunities as well as make lasting changes when it comes to their biggest asset, their employees.

In this webinar, Quinyx’s Chief Risk Officer Andreas Sjölund will speak with Coresight Research’s Steven Winnick on the roll of workforce (management) automation amid the new retail environment.

The session will cover:

1. Workforce management and automation in the new retail environment

2. Strategies for success around new regulations and restrictions

3. The role of the retail workforce in a post-crisis purchasing landscape

4. Assessing the state of the retail workforce, including what drives your staff and how to reimagine the workplace/employee relationship

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  • Steven Winnick - Senior Analyst, Coresight Research
  • Andreas Sjölund - CRO, Quinyx
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