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Nanotechnology: The Next Small

Executive Summary The world is indeed getting smaller. Nanotech was a buzzword at the turn of the millennium, however nanomaterials and nanoparticles are now in the everyday products we put on our faces and bodies, and they’re also hiding in our automobiles and smartphones. Nanotechnology has been silently transforming innovation in numerous sectors, including textiles, personal care, energy, healthcare and electronics, and it’s increasingly attracting worldwide attention thanks to its wide range of end uses. Nanomaterials come in all shapes and sizes: particles, tubes, spheres and quantum dots. Despite their small size, these materials have large surface areas, and they can have

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Amazon Prime Now Is Here Now!

Amazon UK has brought its one-hour delivery service, Prime Now, to London. Over in the States, shoppers in 14 metropolitan areas are already able to get their hands on Amazon purchases within an hour. We have tried this service and were very impressed! Now, Londoners too can get their goods delivered within 60 minutes of placing an order on the dedicated Prime Now app. The service is offered across 57 central London postcode areas, from Bow in the East End to Park Lane in the West.

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The Potential And Pitfalls Of Consumer Data-Mining

As the era of Internet of Things progresses, gaining a 360-degree profile of consumers will become even easier. In the fast-moving world of retail, companies may have to constantly review their strategies for gathering information on consumers in order to stay ahead of competition. But they will also need to navigate ethical grey areas.

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