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This week’s note “From the Desk of Deborah Weinswig” discusses our recently published second annual survey of Amazon apparel shoppers. Amazon is reportedly planning to open dozens of grocery stores in several major US cities. The stores will be distinct from the company’s Whole Foods chain and the first is to open in Los Angeles as early as the end of this year. Berlin-based e-commerce retailer Zalando is expanding cosmetics delivery to five new markets: Belgium, France, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. The company previously offered cosmetics only in Germany, Poland and Austria. has expanded its partnership with UK-based online luxury fashion retailer


Amazon was among the retailers to report a slower holiday quarter: The company’s North America sales growth slowed from 35.0% in the third quarter to 18.3% in the fourth quarter. These figures exclude Amazon’s high-growth Amazon Web Services (AWS) business and, so, should closely reflect its retail and marketplace revenues.


Robots: Moving Beyond Warehouses into the Stores and the Streets Robots burst into the consciousness of the retail industry when Amazon acquired warehouse-robot-maker Kiva Systems for $775 million in May 2012. Since then, many other retail companies have followed Amazon’s example and deployed robots in their own warehouses. These robots are not the kind that walk and talk; they’re flat, faceless machines that scoot across a warehouse floor, delivering a shelf of goods to a fulfillment center, where a human packer then completes the order. While many imagine that warehouses and fulfillment centers are already completely automated, most operate using human-machine

Weinswig’s Weekly January 25, 2019

hree Ways China Will Lead Digital Retail Trends in 2019 — and Why These Trends Are Likely to Drive Consolidation Among Major Platforms China continues to lead the world in the integration of online and offline retail, most notably through Alibaba Group’s New Retail concept. We predict that retailers in the U.S. and Europe will increasingly adopt elements of New Retail in 2019. But what else is worth keeping an eye on in Chinese digital retail? This week, we discuss three digital trends we expect to see in 2019, and we note that all three are likely to strengthen the competitive


Retailers in the U.S. may have enjoyed a bumper holiday season, but their counterparts elsewhere in the world have been experiencing greater uncertainty. In China, the pace of economic growth has slowed, while in Germany, shoppers have shown renewed caution. Meanwhile, in the U.K., details on Brexit remain unclear, even though the exit date is now less than three months away – raising the real possibility of a deal-less Brexit. Across the U.S., Europe and Asia, macroeconomic and political uncertainty threatens to persist for at least the first few months of 2019. In this week’s note, we look at four

Weinswig’s Weekly Nov 16, 2018

FROM THE DESK OF DEBORAH WEINSWIG Three Ways that Singles’ Day Is Evolving Last weekend, the Coresight Research team was at Alibaba’s Singles’ Day event in Shanghai. There, we watched the live count of Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival sales as they ticked toward the final total of ¥213.5 billion ($30.8 billion). The day’s sales…

Weinswig’s Weekly Nov 23, 2018

FROM THE DESK OF DEBORAH WEINSWIG Hacker Group Magecart Poses Threat to Retailers and Consumers Alike Hacker groups operating under the Magecart umbrella have been targeting retailers and consumers. Although not yet a household name, Magecart has been modifying software on e-commerce websites to skim credit card information since 2014. The hackers sell the stolen…

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