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Coresight Research helps retail clients accelerate innovation and growth. We focus on disruption at the intersection of retail and technology – and help you understand what it means for your business. Coresight Research has a global presence spanning the US, Europe and Asia, including deep expertise in the China market.

NRF 2020 Day 1 Insights: The Digital Economy Is Here

Insights from day 1 of the NRF 2020 Retail’s Big Show in New York include the value of increasing technology intensity, the changing nature of retail jobs and increasing connectedness. Today’s consumers have more choice than ever before, and that choice is enabled by the rapid rise of digital technologies.

CES 2020, Day 2: Physical Retail, Tourism and Data Strategy

The Coresight Research team is in Las Vegas for CES 2020. We offer our top five insights from the second day of the event, including the transition of digitally native brands into physical retail, increasing demand for personalized travel experiences and the explosion of data in healthcare retail.

CES 2020: Insights from the Media Days

The Coresight Research team is in Las Vegas this week for CES 2020, held on January 7–10. We present our top five insights from the media days on January 5–6, including the new Intelligence of Things, the application of 5G in agriculture and the consumerization of artificial intelligence.

A New Push for Sustainability in Fashion: Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network Partners with the Conscious Fashion Campaign and the United Nations

Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network announces partnership with the Conscious Fashion Campaign and the United Nations Office to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The UN SDGs are a collection of 17 global goals that cover areas from poverty to education to climate change and other environmental issues and which the UN hopes to achieve by 2030.

ICSC New York Deal Making 2019 Wrap-Up

ICSC New York Deal Making 2019 highlighted the reinvention of physical retail, which is being driven by innovations in the use of space, the proliferation of omnichannel shoppers and a widespread focus on sustainability. A number of technologies are being implemented by retailers to undertake a transition from a profits-first approach to a consumer-centric operational model.

Insights from ICSC New York Deal Making 2019

The Coresight Research team is attending ICSC New York Deal Making 2019 from December 10 to 12 in New York City. Key insights from the conference include the importance of experiential retail, the growth of “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store” services and the impact of value-for-money concepts on outlet centres.

ICSC Research Connections: Experiences, Services, Fun and Commerce Too!

On October 27–29, Coresight Research attended attended and presented at ICSC’s Research Connections conference in Florida. Our key insights from the event include the heightened consumer expectation for experiences, an increasing focus on sustainability for retailers and shopping-center developers and the synergistic effect of online and physical retail.